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Gender and Women's Lives

Key Texts

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Martha Vicinus (ed.), A widening sphere: changing roles of Victorian women

Seminar Questions

  • Discuss the concept of domesticity and its role in placing women in the private sphere in the nineteenth century
  • What opportunities were there for women to participate in the public sphere?
  • Did the role of mothers change in the Victorian period?
  • How important were housewives in the Victorian economy?
  • Is there a distance between public rhetoric and the actual experiences of women? Explore with reference to one or more women's lives in Victorian Britain. See the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Examples could include social reformers such as Elizabeth Fry, Louisa Twining, Frances Power Cobbe, Mary Carpenter, Josephine Butler, Beatrice Webb or literary/cultural figures or educationalists such as Emily Davies, Frances Buss or Dorothea Beale or women and religion.

Further Reading

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