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Class forum

Seminar Primary Source
Secondary Source
The European history of Islam   Pete Bartholomew
‘Convivencia’: myths and realities    
Tolerance and cultural fusion Pete Bartholomew  
The importance of the Spanish legal tradition
The Gendered Landscapes of the Iberian World
  Alex Feery
Religious Motifs of violence    
The Early Atlantic World Neil Gordon Charlie Coë
Shifting Religious Landscapes   Shaquille Basar
Shifting Social Landscapes Shaquille Basar  
Religion and Power Joe Clarke  
Spain's Rise as a European Empire William Wells Theo Baldwin-Evans
Fragile Unity: The Revolt of the Comuneros
Spain's Rise as Global Empire Alice Minett William Wells
Fragile Coherence: The Expulsion of the Moriscos
Ollie Bogle Joe Clarke
The impact of the New World on the Old Theo Baldwin-Evans

Alice Minett

The global impact of the Spanish Empire Charlie Coe Ollie Bogle
The Spanish Golden Age?