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Religion and Dissent

Suggested Reading

  • J.Bradley, Religion, Revolution and English Radicalism: Non-Conformity in 18th Century Politics and Society
  • D. Hempton, Methodism: empire of the spirit
  • G. Ditchfield, The Evangelical Revival
  • Jeremy Gregory, '"In the Church I will live and die" : John Wesley, the Church of England, and Methodism' in W. Gibson, William and R. Ingram, Robert (ed.), Religious identities in Britain, 1660-1832 (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2005), pp. 147-78.
  • C. Haydon, Anti-Catholicism in Eighteenth Century England
  • W. Gibson and R. Ingram (ed.), Religious identities in Britain, 1660-1832
  • D. Hempton, Methodism and politics in English Society 1750-1850
  • D. Hempton, Methodism: empire of the spirit 
  • D. Hempton, ‘Religion in British Society 1740-90’ in J. Black (ed) British Politics and Society from Walpole to Pitt (1990)
  • B. Hilton, The Age of Atonement: the Influence of Evangelicalism on Social and Economic Thought 1785-1865
  • A. C. Thompson, "Popery, Politics, and Private Judgement in Early Hanoverian Britain", Historical Journal,


  • M. R. Watts, The Dissenters, vol 1 (1978) and vol 2 (1995)


The Minister Preaching to the Seven Devils (British Museum)