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Empire and politics

This seminar considers the importance of the Empire in British politics - both at a policy level and for the mass of the population. There will be a focus on America and India as two contrasting case studies.

Key Texts

  • Kathleen Wilson (ed.), A new imperial history: culture, identity and modernity in Britain and the Empire, 1660-1840 and The sense of the people : politics, culture and imperialism in England, 1715-85
  • J. Bradley, Popular Politics and the American Revolution in England
  • P. Lawson, 'The Missing Link : The Imperial Dimension in Understanding Hanoverian Britain', Historical Journal, 1986
  • P. J. Marshall, ‘Taming the Exotic. The British and India in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries’ in Rousseau and Porter (eds), Exoticism in the Enlightenment
  • P. J. Marshall, The Oxford History of the British Empire