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Masculinity and Politics

How do notions of masculinity change in the Hanoverian period? What impact does this have on the 'political man'? Are there key dates/events which shape such views? You may wish to use the Oxford DNB and British Museum print collection to research some key male political figures and discuss how their masculinity is represented in the popular imagination.

Key Texts

  • Matthew McCormack, The Independent Man: Citizenship and Gender Politics in Georgian England
  • Matthew McCormack, 'Citizenship, nationhood and masculinity in the affair of the Hanoverian soldier, 1756', Historical Journal, 49 (2006)
  • Hilda Smith, All Men and both sexes: gender, politics and the false universal in England, 1640-1832
  • Dror Wahrman, 'Percy's Prologue: from Gender Play to Gender Panic in Eighteenth-Century England', Past and Present, 1998
  • John Styles and Amanda Vickery (eds), Gender, taste, and material culture in Britain and North America, 1700-1830
  • Philip Carter, Men and the emergence of polite society : Britain 1660-1800