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Popular Political Culture

Suggested Reading

  • N Rogers, Crowds, Culture and Politics in Georgian Britain
  • K Wilson, The Sense of the People

See also

  • J Brewer, Common People and Politics
  • J Brewer (ed.), An Ungovernable people
  • J Bradley, Popular politics and the American revolution in England
  • I R Christie, Wilkes, Wyvill and Reform
  • H Dickinson, The Politics of the people in 18th century Britain
  • P Langford, ‘London and the American Revolution’ in J Stevenson (ed.), London in the Age of Reform
  • J Mori, ‘Languages of Loyalism: Patriotism, Nationhood and the State in the 1790s’, English Historical Review, 2003
  • M Philp, ‘Vulgar Conservatism, 1792-3’, English Historical Review, 1995
  • N Rogers, ‘Crowd and people in the Gordon riots’ in E Hellmuth (ed.), The Transformation of Political Culture
  • George Rudé, ‘The Gordon rioters and their victims’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 1956
  • G Rude, Wilkes and Liberty
  • J Stevenson, Popular Disturbances in England, 1700-1832
  • P.D.G. Thomas, ‘John Wilkes and the Freedom of the Press’, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, 1960
  • D Wright, Popular Radicalism

The Free Born Briton (British Museum)