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Writing the New World (John King)

This session discusses representations of native peoples in European Literature.


Required Reading

M. de Montaigne, ‘On Cannibals’.

W. Shakespeare, The Tempest.


Further Reading

A. Pagden, The Fall of Natural Man, chapters 1-2.

E. Said, ed., Literature and Society, essay by Greenblatt.

E. Said, Literature and Imperialism.

L. Marx, The Machine in the Garden.

S. Greenblatt, Marvellous Possessions.

P. Hulme, Colonial Encounters.

T. Todorov, The Conquest of America.

L. Huddleston, Origins of the American Indians.

I. Leonard, The Books of the Brave.

G. Lamming, The Pleasures of Exile.

L. Fiedler, The Stranger in Shakespeare.

P. Brown, article in J. Dollimore, ed., Political Shakespeare.

E. Jones, Othello’s Countrymen.

P. Brockbank, article on Art and Empire in Stratford upon Avon Studies, Vol.8.


See also the video How Tasty was my Little Frenchman.