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Black-White Interaction

For discussion

How did elite whites interact with enslaved and free African Americans?

Did non-elite whites have a fundamentally different relationship with African Americans?

How did blacks view poor whites, and how far did they distinguish between then and elite whites?


Not a long list but, in addition to the reading from the first few weeks, also try to read:
  • Jeff Forret, Race Relations at the Margins. (maybe not in the library yet, but I have a copy) – some of this is in Jeff Forret, “Slaves, Poor Whites, and the Underground Economy of the Rural Carolinas,” Journal of Southern History, 70, 4 (2004), pp. 783–824.
  • Tim Lockley, Lines in the Sand: Race and Class in lowcountry Georgia. (have to plug my own book!)
  • Martha Hodes, White Women, Black Men: Illicit Sex In The Nineteenth Century South.
  • Victoria Bynum, Unruly Women
  • Eugene Genovese, Roll, Jordan, Roll
  • James Oakes, The Ruling Race