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Week 4 Gender and Sexuality

Core Readings:

Antoinette Burton, ‘From Child Bride to “Hindoo Lady”: Rukhmalsi and the Debate on Sexual Responsibility in Imperial Britain’, American Historical Review, 103 (1998), 1119-46.

Graham Dawson, ‘The Blond Bedouin: Lawrence of Arabia, Imperial Adventure and the Imagining of English-British Masculinity’, in Michael Roper and John Tosh, eds., Manful Assertions: Masculinities in Britainsince 1800 (1991), 113-44.

Marilyn Lake, ‘Mission Impossible: How Men Gave Birth to the Australian Nation: Nationalism, Gender and Other Seminal Acts’, Gender & History, 4 (1992), 305-22.

Further Readings:

Dipesh Chakrabarty, ‘The Difference-Deferral of a Colonial Modernity: Public Debate on Domesticity in British Bengal’, in Stoler and Cooper, eds., Tensions of Empire, 373-405.

Deborah Cherry, ‘Shuttling and Soul Making: Tracing Links between Algeria and Egalitarian Feminism in the 1850s’, in Shearer West, ed., The Victorians and Race (1996), 156-70.

Graham Dawson, Soldier Heroes: British Adventure, Empire, and the Imagining of Masculinities (1994).

Philippa Levine, Prostitution, Race and Politics: Policing Venereal Disease in the British Empire (2003).

Billie Melman, ‘Under the Western Historian’s Eyes: Eileen Power and the Early Feminist Encounter with Colonialism’, History Workshop Journal, 42 (1996), 147-68.

Wendy Webster, ‘Elspeth Huxley: Gender, Empire, and Narratives of Nation, 1935-64’, Women’s History Review, 8 (1999), 527-45.