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Lecture and Seminar Programme





Seminar Topic

Autumn Term 1

Section 1: Intellectual
and institutional frameworks
of human rights

Antecedents I– Liberalism, the enlightenment, natural rights and the rights of man


Antecedents II – Socialism & economic and social rights

3 ‘The Search for Humanity’ – Global Government and the ‘Rights of Man’ before the Second World War
4 ‘The End of Civilization: The Rise of Rights’: The Second World War, reconstruction and human rights
5 ‘Parliament of Man’: The United Nations, Human Rights and the beginnings of the Cold War
6 Reading Week - no lecture or seminar
7 ‘Set the People free?’ Decolonization and the right to self-determination
8 ‘The Last Utopia?’ Human Rights and the end of the Cold War
9 The Age of Rights or the Militarization of Rights? Human rights agreement in the post-Cold War world
10 Section 2: The Global
Human Rights Movement
What is was the ‘human rights movement’? Global movement activism post 1945
Spring Term 1 Transforming nations - Civil liberties and human rights politics in the British speaking world
2 Transnational Advocacy - Amnesty International
3 Individual Rights, small nations and development - decolonization movements and human rights
4 Are Women’s Rights Human Rights? The global politics of the women’s rights movement
5 An alternative vision of rights? Freedom politics, conservatism and the rediscovery of human rights
6 Reading Week - no lecture or seminar
7 The Right to Shop – The international consumer movement
8 Which rights are right? Development NGOs, world poverty and rights-based activism
9 Section 3: Rights
Politics in Perspective
Relativism and rights
10 Nation states and universal rights
Summer Term 1 Revision Revision
2 Revision