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The Abolition of Slavery

Seminar Questions:

  • What was the place of slavery in the Ottoman Empire and other Muslim societies?
  • How did opponents of slavery justify abolition?

Assigned Reading:

Ismael M. Montana, The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia (University Press of Florida, 2013), introduction and chapters 6-7, pp. 1-9, 96-130.

Will Smiley, "Let Whose People Go? Subjecthood, Sovereignty, Liberation and Legalism in Eighteenth-Century Russo-Ottoman Relations," Turkish Historical Review 3 (2012), 196-228.

For an overview of the concept of slavery in Islamic law, with definitions of Arabic terminology, see Bernard Freamon, "Definitions and Concepts of Slavery in Islamic Law," in The Legal Understanding of Slavery: From the Historical to the Contemporary, ed. Jean Allain (Oxford UP, 2012), e-book available via library catalogue.

Further Reading:

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