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Module Details

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To develop study, writing and communication skills.
  • To develop an understanding of the evolving relationship between the family, health and welfare within the context of cultural, demographic, political and economic developments in the period since 1860.
  • To develop critical skills through the assessment of a range of theoretical debates and approaches surrounding histories of the family.
  • To develop the ability to handle historical sources, and to evaluate a broad range of primary sources and their potential use to historians.

Formative Assessment

  • 3 short essays (1,500-2,000 words), due Term 1 Monday Week 8, Term 2 Monday Week 2, and Term 2 Monday Week 8

Summative Assessment

The assessment for this 30 CATS second-year module is as follows:

  • A two-hour exam (50%)
  • A 4,500 word essay (50%)

For more details of examination and assessment, please see