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Week 17: Envisioning Health: Visual Culture and the History of Medicine

Lecturer: Jane Hand

Within cultural and social history there has been a slow re-orientation toward the use of images as productive sources in analysing the past. The turn to the visual within history has had important ramifications on the study of not only the production of images and objects, but also the understandings of what it means to see and comprehend a variety of representations. In particular, the history of medicine as a sub-discipline is particularly well visualised. From eighteenth and nineteenth century medical portraits and atlases, to the microscope, X-Ray and ultrasound, the act of viewing has been pivotal to the development of Western medical science. This week we will explore the potential of visual culture in understanding the history of medicine. Guiding students through the rigorous use of images as historical sources, we will examine the place of representations within the history of medicine.

Disscusion/Essay Questions:

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