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Lecture and Seminar Timetable



Lecture and Seminar Topic

Seminar questions and reading material may be accessed through Moodle (click here).
The following table includes core reading from the course texts.

Autumn Term 1

Introductory week - Start reading!!!

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Introduction; Chap. 1


Lecture: Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars

Seminar: Writing the history of war

Core reading: Sheehan, Prologue


Lecture: The wars of German unification

Seminar: War and the nation-state

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 1


Lecture: The birth of industrial warfare

Seminar: The Russo-Japanese war

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 2


Lecture: Pacifism in the nineteenth century

Seminar: Is war good for business?

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 2
6 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~

Lecture: Colonial warfare

Seminar: War and demographic anxieties

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 3


Lecture: The causes of modern wars

Seminar: Explaining the outbreak of WWI

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 3


Lecture: The First World War and the totalization of warfare

Seminar: How to fight on the Western Front (1914-1918)

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 4


Lecture: Home fronts and social mobilization in WWI

Seminar: Gender in wartime

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 4

Spring Term 11

Lecture: Warfare and welfare in interwar Europe

Seminar: Remembering the First World War

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 5


Lecture: Regulating and preventing war (1899-1939)

Seminar: War and the emergence of international law

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 5


Lecture: The Spanish Civil War

Seminar: Fascisms and war

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 6


Lecture: The Second World War: a "thirty years' war"?

Seminar: Economic mobilization

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 6


Lecture: War and genocide in Europe (1915-1945)

Seminar: Was the Holocaust an act of war?

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 8

16 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~

Lecture: From war to civil wars: resistance, collaboration, and the aftermath of WWII

Seminar: Violence and the transition to peace

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 7


Lecture: Cold War

Seminar: The meaning of deterrence

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 7


Lecture: Pacifism after Auschwitz and Hiroshima

Seminar: The CND in Britain

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 8


Lecture: Wars of decolonization

Seminar: The war of Algerian independence

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 9

Summer Term 21

Lecture: The dividends of peace

Seminar: The Euromissiles crisis

Core reading: Blanning, ed., Chap. 11


Lecture: Yugoslavia and the return of war in Europe

Seminar: Liberal interventionism in the twenty-first century

Core reading: Sheehan, Chap. 9; Epilogue