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Evening Module Programme

The evening (part-time) version of 'Germany in the Age of the Reformation' is structured in four parts [not running in 2011-12]:

I. Germany on the Eve of the Reformation

II. Reformation Culture
III. Social Impact
IV. Legacies



[Autumn Term]



Week 2. Introduction and organization

Lecture: The political landscape of the Holy Roman Empire

Week 3. Seminar 1: An age of political instability?

Lecture: Socio-economic and cultural life in the late Middle Ages

Week 4. Seminar 2: An age of socio-economic unrest?

Lecture: The late medieval Church

Week 5. Seminar 3: Church and people on the eve of the Reformation

Lecture: Martin Luther - a restless monk

[6. Reading Week]



Week 7. Seminar 4: Luther - Man and personality

Lecture: Reformation doctrines

Week 8. Seminar 5: Luther's message

Lecture: Reformed liturgy and rituals

[non-assessed short essay due]

Week 9. Seminar 6: Reformation propaganda: verbal

Lecture: Dissemination of Reformation ideas

Week 10. Seminar 7: Reformation propaganda: non-verbal

Lecture: Challenges from within - disagreements among theologians


[Spring Term]



Week 11. Seminar 8: Workshop on Reformation Resources 
(meet at the entrance of the Learning Grid, University House, at 6 pm)

Lecture: Rural Reformation

Week 12. Seminar 9: The Reformation in the countryside

Lecture: Urban Reformation

Week 13. Seminar 10: The Peasants' War

Lecture. Radical Reformation

Week 14. Seminar 11: The Kingdom of Münster

Lecture: Gender roles

Week 15. Seminar 12: Women and the Reformation

Lecture: The Princes' Reformation

[Reading Week]

Week 17: Seminar 13: Essay writing skills

Lecture: The clergy in the age of the Reformation

Week 18. Seminar 14: Institutionalizing the Reformation

Lecture: Protestants and other confessions

[non-assessed short essay due]

Week 19. Seminar 15: Confessional identities

Lecture: Imperial Politics

Week 20. Seminar 16: Emperor Charles V

Essay feedback

[Title / materials for long essay to be finalized with seminar tutor by the end of the Spring Term; there should be no 'significant' overlap with exam questions / long essay topics in other modules]


[Summer Term]


Week 21. Seminar 17: Essay surgery

Lecture: Conceptualizations and long-term effects

Week 22. Seminar 18: Conclusion

[mock exam opportunity]

Week 24 or 25: Revision class and exam surgery

[Long essay due at History Office by departmental deadline]


Model exam paper:

Recent model exam papers for this module can be found at:


Lifelong Learning 


For the evening module handbook please click here (Warwick users only)


Classes run weekly (with the exception of weeks 1, 6 and 16) on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm.
They are divided into a one-hour seminar and a one-hour lecture (with a short break in between)


To provide additional materials, participate in debates, post theses etc please use the Evening Module Forum (making sure that you 'sign in' via the link appearing top-right on your screen; cf. forum aims and rules)


Short web address: