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The UL maintains a Talis Aspire reading list for this module

1. Key online resources, with materials for almost all lectures and seminars:

Source Collection:

German History in Documents and Images: Sources, Maps and Comments on Politics, Religion and Society between Reformation and Thirty Years War (provided by the German Historical Institute at Washington)

Historical Assocation Podcast Series:

'The Reformation' (2010), featuring talks by Henry Cohn, Beat Kümin, Peter Marshall and Penny Roberts.
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Late medieval bibliography

Jamie Page & Les Scales, 'Later Medieval Germany 1250-1520: Bibliography of Works in English'

Massolit video lecture

Sample clip on 'The Causes of the German Reformation'

TLTP Tutorials:

C. S. Dixon and M. Greengrass, 'The Protestant Reformation: Religious Change and the People of Sixteenth-Century Europe' (1997) [currently limited access only]

[H. J. Cohn, 'The Radical Reformation' (1999) and H. J. Cohn, 'The Impact of the Reformation on Women in Germany' (1999) are currently offline]


2. General e-materials accessible through Warwick University Library:

E-books and e-documents (includes e-text collections like Gutenberg e-books project, History e-books, NetLibrary and e-documents collections like Defining Gender 1450-1910; Medieval Sources Online etc)

E-journals accessible through Warwick UL (includes JStor, Cambridge Journals online etc)

3. Websites with Reformation- and Holy Roman Empire-related information

The Annotated Luther: Fortress press homepage for a 6-volume series of new editions and commentaries on key works of Luther (with images, introductions and excerpts)

Bavarian Studies in History and Culture: online platform for translated articles and original scholarship relating to all periods; with bibliography of works in English

Beggars All: Reformation & Apologetics: specializes in locating 'obscure Luther quotes' and provides links to online editions of his works

Cambridge New Habsburg Studies Network: aiming to promote comparative social and cultural approaches to Central and Eastern Europe

Early European Books Online: full text of early modern holdings of the Royal Library, Copenhagen (with many Reformation works)

EGO - European History Online: a portal of research articles and multimedia resources dedicated to European history (co-ordinated by the Institute for European History, Mainz/Germany)

The Electronic Capito Project: life, letters and works of the Alsatian reformer Wolfgang Faber Capito (d. 1541)

Euro Docs: Reformation sources

Gale Databases: includes online access to J. Dewald (ed.), Encyclopaedia of the Early Modern World (2004)

Glossary of Religious Terms: from the 'European World' module webpage

Gothic Germany 1250-1500: Bibliography of works on the late Middle Ages

H-German: forum for historians of Germany

Internet Modern History: Sourcebook

Iter: Gateway to Middle Ages and Renaissance

Luther Memorials Foundation: Museums and collections

Melanchthon: Information on the Wittenberg theologian and Luther contemporary Philipp Melanchthon online platform of the Warwick Network for Parish Research, offering access to primary, secondary and digital resources; postings on current projects; workshops and research databases relating to parish life across Europe

NetLibrary: e-book collection

Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project: provides online access to incunabula (early printed books to 1500) from the Bodleian and Vatican libraries (including e.g. the 1455 Gutenberg Bible held at Oxford)

Post-Reformation Digital Library: vast collection of primary resources/e-books relating to the development of theology (ca. 16th-18th c.)

Project Wittenberg: works by 16thC reformers

Protestant Reformation: e-sources compiled by the 'Internet Archive of Texts and Documents'

The Reformation: videos and other resources produced by the History Channel.

Reformation Picture Gallery: people and places

Regesta imperii: medieval imperial charters

Reformationsportal: web portal with articles on theological, political, social and communication approaches; glossary; timeline; primary sources etc compiled at the University of Graz (Austria; in German)

Religious Change, 1450-1700: web platform of the Newberry Library at Chicago, exploring 'how religion and print challenged authority, upended society, and made the medieval world modern'; offers access to broadsheets, manuscript transcriptions, a gallery exhibition and project blog

Society for the Study of the Holy Roman Empire

Virtual Library History: e-resources on German history

Warwick German Studies Web: e-resources for German studies



H. Junghans (ed.), Martin Luther: Exploring his Life and Times 1483-1546 (1999) [UL CD ROM]

Luther - The Movie (2003) [UL DVD, directed by Eric Till, with Joseph Fiennes, Sir Peter Ustinov etc; full movie]

Reformation - 2-part drama shown on BBC Four in October 2017


.... or watch a brief animated documentation on 'The Rebel Monk' (produced by Max Monch, Alexander Lahr and Philipp Seefeldt for the New York Times)

.... and, finally, for some light relief, get insulted by Luther himself!



More e-resources appear on individual seminar pages



Door of Wittenberg's Castle Church, where Luther allegedly posted his 95 theses in 1517 [Photo: Gertrud Kanu; source]