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Seminar Questions
  • How pervasive was the concept and structure of the middle-class family in the nineteenth century?
  • Using the Ashford or Gorbals or Sandyford data consider typical household and family sizes and structure.

Key Reading

Leanore Davidoff, 'The Family in Britain' in F. M. L. Thompson (ed.), The Cambridge Social History of Britain, 1750-1950, Volume 2, pp. 71-129

British History and the Census [Data for the Gorbals (Excel Spreadsheet) 1851 and (Excel Spreadsheet) 1881, Sandyford (Excel Spreadsheet) 1851 and (Excel Spreadsheet) 1881]

(PDF Document) Household Composition Form [to help you analyse types of households and families]

Further Reading

Michael Anderson, Family Structure in Nineteenth-Century Lancashire

J. Burnett (ed.), Destiny Obscure: Autobiographies of Childhood, Education and Family from the 1820s to the 1920s

Karen Chase and Michael Levenson, The spectacle of intimacy : a public life for the Victorian family

Shani D'Cruze, 'The Family', in Chris Williams (ed.), Companion to Nineteenth-century Britain

Leonore Davidoff and Catherine Hall, Family Fortunes: Men and Women of the English Middle Class, 1780-1850

Llewellyn Davies, Life as We Have Known It

Anna Davin, Growing up Poor: Home, house and street in London

Carol Dyhouse, Feminism and the Family in England, 1880-1939

Carol Dyhouse, Girls Growing Up in Late-Victorian and Edwardian England

Eilidh Garrett, Alice Reid, Kevin Schürer and Simon Szreter, Changing family size in England and Wales: place, class and demography 1891–1911

Eleanor Gordon and Gwyneth Nair, Public lives : women, family and society in Victorian Britain

Jane Lewis (ed.), Labour and Love: Women's Experience of Home and Family

Maud Pember Reeves, Round About a Pound a Week

Rita Rhodes, Women and the Family in Post-Famine Ireland, chs. 3, 5

John Tosh, A Man's Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian Britain

Anthony Wohl, (ed) The Victorian Family: Structures and Stresses

Further Data:

(Excel Spreadsheet) Ashford 1851

Historical Population Reports

Nineteenth century family