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Politics and Philanthropy

Seminar Questions


  • Why did voluntary activity increase so extensively after 1780?
  • Was female philanthropic activity a 'maternal' act?
  • What were the practical and intellectual experiences that shaped female philanthropy and their writing on philanthropy?
  • Was female philanthropy a private act of altruism or a female incursion into the public sphere?
  • Was there a difference between 'middle-class' and 'aristocratic' philanthropic activities?

Key reading

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Sarah Richardson, The Political Worlds of Women: Gender and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Britain , Chp 3.

D W Elliott, The Angel Out of the House (University Press of Virginia, 2002) Introduction

Please can you also research in the Oxford DNB the philanthropic work of the following (considerthe questions above when assessing their contributions):

Angela Burdett Coutts

Lady Newburgh

Hannah Kilham

Josephine Butler

Mary Carpenter

Octavia Hill

Further Reading

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