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Seminar Questions

  • What impact did Rousseau have on understandings of gender? Why was he subject to criticism?
  • What were Rousseau's views: on boys/girls education? on marriage? on the family? on gender relations?
  • Did women have an Enlightenment?
  • What role, if any, did men have in the making of British feminism?

Key Texts

1) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, (from start of 'book 5' to the nurse/child dialogue section)

2) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 'Book 1'

3) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Julie or the new Heloise: letters of two lovers who live in a small town at the foot of the Alps (Part 4: Letter 1 and 2)

4) Russell Goulbourne and David Higgins (eds), Jean-Jacques Rousseau and British Romanticism : gender and selfhood, politics and nation

Further Reading

E. J. Climenson (eds), Elizabeth Montagu: the queen of the blue-stockings : her correspondence from 1720 to 1761.

M Cranston, Jean-Jacques: The Early Life and Work of Jean-Jacque Rousseau

John Cecil Hall Rousseau: an introduction

R Grimsley Jean-Jacques Rousseau

N S Dent Rousseau: an Introduction to his Psychological, Social and Political Theory

A Esterhammer (et al), Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland (ebook)

Caroline Franklin, 'Enlightenment feminism and the bluestocking legacy' in Devoney Looser (eds) The Cambridge companion to women's writing in the Romantic period.

Sylvia Harcstark Myers, The bluestocking circle : women, friendship, and the life of the mind in eighteenth-century England 

Karen O'Brien, Women and Enlightenment in eighteenth-century Britain (ebook)

Tim O’Hagan Rousseau

T.O'Hagan (ed), Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the sources of the self

Peter Jimack Rousseau, Emile

Sarah Knott and Barbara Taylor (eds), Women, gender and enlightenment (Basingstoke, 2005 and e-book)

R Wokler Rousseau

R Wokler 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau' in B Readhead, ed., Political Thought from Plato to Nato