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Vera Brittain

Seminar Questions

  • What does the Testament of Youth tell us about women's and men's experience of the war?
  • How useful is biography as a source?
  • Are Vera Brittain's experiences after WWI typical?

Key Reading

Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth, ch. 3, parts 2-8; chap 4; ch. 8, part 11 to end;ch. 10, parts 2-10; ch. 11, parts 1-3, parts 7-11; ch. 12, part 11 (available on Google Books)

Peace Pledge Union resources on Vera Brittain

YouTube BBC series of Testament of Youth (1979)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Further Reading

Paul Berry and Mark Bostridge, Vera Brittain: A Life (2001)

A. Bishop & M. Bostridge (eds), Letters from a Lost Generation: First World War letters of Vera Brittain and Four Friends (1998)

D. Gorham, Vera Brittain: A Feminist Life (1996)

L. Layton, 'Vera Brittain's Testament(s)' in Higgonet et al (eds), Behind the Lines

Muriel Mellown, 'Vera Brittain: Feminist in a New Age' in Spender (ed.), Feminist Theories