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Lecture and Seminar Programme

Winter Term
Week 1: Introduction. Organizational Matters & Writing Techniques
Week 2: Europe before and during World War One

Part 1: Post-War Revolutions and Counter-Revolutions
Week 3: The Russian Revolution
Week 4: Revolutions in Germany and Central Europe
Week 5: Counter-Revolutionary Movements and the Radical Right in Germany and Central Europe
Week 6: Reading Week
Week 7: The Rise of Fascism in Italy

Part 2: Transnational Political Movements
Week 8: European Fascism
Week 9: From Revolution to Reform: Socialism
Week 10: International Communism

Spring Term
Week 1: Anti-Colonial Movements

Part 3: Radical Movements and the Struggle for Democracy
Week 2: Implementing Democracy in Weimar Germany
Week 3: Communists and Nazis: Radical Politics at the End of Weimar
Week 4: The French Popular Front
Week 5: The Spanish Civil War
Week 6: Reading Week

Part 4: Implementing Radical Politics
Week 7: Stalinist Russia
Week 8: Fascist Italy
Week 9: Building a Racial State: Nazi Germany before the War
Week 10: Building a Racial Empire: Wars of Annihilation and Genocide

Summer Term:
Week 1: Revisions
Week 2: Revisions