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Cold War Term 1 Week 1

Week 1, Monday 5 October 2015

11.00 Course introduction, Room S0.20

This lecture will provide an introduction to the course and the main items in the reading list. In preparation for the start of the course you will find it useful to look at the four key textbooks listed here. Each of these works provides an historical overview of the period and set the Cold War stories we will examine in a broader context. You should familiarize yourself with these books, and you will certainly find it helpful to purchase one of the titles to have on your shelf as a work of reference. The classes that follow in the afternoon will organise the presentaitons for the next two terms.

Key textbooks:

• Westad, Odd Arne. The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times (Cambridge: CUP, 2005)

• Nugent, Paul. Africa Since Independence: A Comparative History (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2nd ed 2012)

• Cooper, Frederick. Africa Since 1940: The Past of the Present (Cambridge: CUP, 2002)

• Schmidt, Elizabeth. Foreign Intervention in Africa: from the Cold War to the War on Terror (Cambridge: CUP, 2013).