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Africa and the Cold War - Term 2 Week 3

Proxy war? The Ethiopia-Somalia conflict, 1977-78

Building on last week’s session on the context of superpower rivalry in the Horn of Africa, this class will look at the events of 1977-78 itself, when Ethiopian-Somali disputes spilt over into war. Ostensibly a conflict over a small triangle of land, the Ogaden War has often been presented as a ‘proxy war’ between the superpowers. We will assess whether this is a fair description of the conflict, looking at the impact in particular of Soviet and Cuban military aid for Ethiopia. You will already have an outline of the war’s narrative from the Westad's chapter on the reading list last week – this week’s reading presents a series of different viewpoints on the conflict. The CWIHP essay discusses material found in Ethiopian and Eastern Bloc archives on the Ogaden War: how has the end of the Cold War changed our understanding of the Ethiopia-Somalia war?


1. What caused the Ogaden War, and what advantage did victory bring?

2. What do we learn about Cuba’s Africa policy from its intervention in the Ogaden War?

Class readings

Gebru Tareke, ‘The Ethiopian-Somalia War of 1977 Revisited’, International Journal of African Historical Studies, 33 (2000), 635-67.  

Jiri Valenta, ‘Soviet-Cuban intervention in the Horn of Africa: Impact and Lessons’, Journal of International Affairs, 34 (1980-1), 353-67.  

Ermias Abebe, 'The Horn, the Cold War, and Documents from the Former East-Bloc: An Ethiopian View' in ‘Anatomy of a Third World Cold War Crisis: New East-Bloc Evidence on the Horn of Africa, 1977-78’, Cold War International History Project Bulletin, 8-9 (1996-7), 40-49 [plus see introduction from James Hershberg, pp. 38-40], available from (go to pages 40-49)

TASK: Look at the collection of documents on the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Bring one document to class. Be prepared to explain why you chose it and how it helps us understand the conflict:

General readings

Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, The Mitrokhin Archive: Volume II, The KGB and the World (London: Penguin, 2006), 423-70.

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