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Expected Learning Outcomes, Assessment & Contact Hours

Expected Learning Outcomes

a) to develop excellent study, writing and communication skills.
b) to provide the opportunity, through writing a 4,500 word essay, unassessed essays and seminar discussions, to develop an understanding of medicine as part of broader changes in British society and as shaped by cultural, social, demographic, political and economic forces.
c) to develop critical skills through the assessment of a range of historical and interdisciplinary sources and approaches.
d) to develop the ability to handle historical materials, and to evaluate a range of primary sources and their potential use to historians, to be incorporated into essay writing, particularly the long essay.

Workload and Assessment

Formative Assessment

Students will complete two non-assessed (of between 1,500 and 2,000 words) short essays (due Monday of week 8 in Terms 1 and 2).

Summative Assessment
  • 2-hour, two question exam paper (50%)
  • 4500 word essay (50%)

You should submit an electronic version of all written work via Tabula. For details on the Tabula submission process and arranging extensions, please see

The exam will take place during summer term on a date that will be scheduled closer to the time.

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year option module will be comprised as follows:

Lectures: Twenty one-hour lectures
Seminars: Twenty one-hour seminars
Tutorials: Four hours of feedback and long essay preparation
Total: Forty-four hours