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Assessment & Contact Hours

Methods of Assessment

During the academic year, students will complete four summative assignments:

  • Seminar contribution (10%)
  • 1500 word essay (10%)
  • 3000 word essay (40%)
  • 7 day take-home assessment (40%)

For the essays, you can devise your own question, or you can choose or adapt one of the questions listed on the weekly seminar pages. It would be advisable to write your two essays on topics that are quite different in theme and period, as this will be better preparation for the long essay and exam.

The 7 day take-home assessment will take place during summer term on a date that will be scheduled closer to the time. You will have seven days to answer two questions from a list of ten.

For more information regarding examinations, assessment & submission please see the student handbook.

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year option module will be comprised as follows:

Lectures: Twenty one-hour lectures
Seminars: Twenty one-hour seminars
Tutorials: Four hours of feedback and long essay preparation
Total: Forty-four hours