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Lecture and Seminar Timetable



Lecture Topic

Seminar Theme

Autumn Term 1 Cities and towns in modern history Urban modernity in global history
2 Nature, man and disasters in modern history Images and languages of urban disasters
3 Fires in early twentieth-century cities The 1906 San Francisco Fire
4 Industrial accidents and urban devastation The 1917 Halifax explosion
5 The urban aftermath of the First World War WWI as an urban catastrophe
6 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~  
7 Urban reconstruction and the origins of humanitarianism Interwar humanitarianism
8 Earthquakes in early twentieth-century cities Preparing Japanese cities for earthquakes
9 The future of cities: the transnational history of urban planning Writing the history of urban planning
10 The meanings of reconstruction in the interwar period Reconstruction in interwar Britain
Spring Term 1 The urban aftermath of the Spanish Civil War The politics and memory of urban destruction
2 The urban aftermath of the Second World War Rebuilding Coventry
3 Cities in the wake of atomic warfare Hiroshima and Nagasaki
4 Urban devastation and refugeedom in both world wars Urbanization, settlement, and exile in the Middle-East after 1948
5 Earthquakes in late twentieth-century cities Earthquakes as political events
6 ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~  
7 "Urbicide" in 1990s Europe Why cities hardly ever die
8 Urban reconstruction in the contemporary Middle-East The reconstruction of Beirut
9 Economic decline and urban renewal Detroit and deindustrialization
10 How terrorism is reshaping global cities London in the age of "terror"
Summer Term 1 From the “Spanish flu” to the “China virus”: the urban experience of pandemics How to write an urban history of Covid-19?
2 Urban catastrophes, resilience, and reconstruction Use and misuse of concepts in urban history/studies