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Lecture and Seminar Timetable



Lecture Topic

Seminar Theme

Autumn Term 2 Cities and towns in modern history The "urban" and its history
3 Writing the history of urban disasters Risks, disasters, and opportunities
4 Urban vulnerabilities since the 19th century Urbanisation and industrialisation in the British world
5 The urban problem: science and governance The Garden City movement
  ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~ ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~
7 Facing disaster: (dis)order and solidarity in the early twentieth century Elite panic and community responses to disaster in Valparaiso and San Francisco (1906)
8 The political economy of relief operations Relief, shelter, and the reshaping of the urban space: Messina, 1908
9 The urban aftermath of the First World War The political economy of reconstruction in cities of the Western Front
10 The disaster problem: science and practice The Red Cross in an age of calamity

Spring Term
1 Urban disasters and "nation-building" The 1923 Kantō earthquake and its aftermath
2 The urban aftermath of the Spanish Civil War Urban planning for a new regime (Madrid, Barcelona)
3 Rebuilding cities after the Second World War Rebuilding Coventry
4 Cities in the "Great Acceleration": Urbanisation after 1945 Reconstruction and memory (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Sevastopol)
5 Shaking the State:
Earthquake in the second half of the 20th century
Urban disasters as crisis of the state (Mexico)
  ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~ ~ Reading Week: no lectures or seminars ~
7 Economic decline and urban renewal The "ruination" of industrial cities (Detroit, Flint, Michigan)
8 Urbicide in contemporary history The reconstruction of Sarajevo
9 War and reconstruction in Beirut Beirut since 2020: urban disaster or systemic failure?
10 How terrorism is reshaping global cities London in the age of "terror"

Summer Term

1 Katrina: A secular catastrophe Resilience as a category of historical analysis (New Orleans)
2 Epidemics and the city How to write an urban history of Covid-19?
3 The rebuilding of Ukraine Revision