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A Global History of Football (HI2B5)

Pele 1970


Tutor: Dr Roger Fagge
Office: H334, third floor of the Humanities Building
Term-Time Office Hours: Monday 9-10 am, Tuesday 11-12 am
Seminar Times:

Group One: Thursday 9-11 H303;

Group Two; Thursday 12-2 H305



Football has become a global phenomenon: a tribal sport, big business, multimedia experience, leisure activity and sometime political tool. This module explores the history of football from its origins to the present day and explores key themes including localism, nationalism, politics, race, class and gender. It uses an interdisciplinary approach and takes advantage of a growing and diverse field of historiography/critical writings.

This second-year undergraduate 15 CATS module runs for ten weeks in either the autumn or spring term. By the end of the module students will:

  • Understand how the relationship between football and society has changed over time, and the importance of sport in society.
  • Understand how football fits into a wider understanding of sports history.
  • Understand how sports history offers a theoretical and historiographic understanding of key themes in social history, including race, class, gender, imperialism and commercialisation
  • Understand how cultural history can be accessed through a diverse range of literary, visual, aural, media and material sources.

There are no prerequisite modules required to take this module, but students may wish to consider also taking the 15 CATS module A Social History of Cricket (HI2B6).