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Cricket and Media

Topics to be discussed: Books (Wisden), Radio (TMS cult status), Kerry Packer, satellite TV


Why does cricket seem to generate a specific type of literature?

How has TMS assumed 'cult status' in Britain (and overseas)?

How important was World Series Cricket in the 1970s?

What influence has the loss of terrestrial TV rights had on the game?

Does TV 'drive the game'?

TV - Wisden Cricketer's Almanack ; How World Series Cricket Changed the Game Forever (Channel 9 Documentary) Kerry Packer Story (ABC biography - not much about WSC)

Radio - John Arlott the Voice of Cricket Parts One Two Three Four; Best of Test Match Special (LP), TMS at 60 


Elisa Giaccardi, Heritage and social media: understanding heritage in a participatory culture (2012)

Cate Watson, 'Test Match Special, Twenty20 and the future of cricket' Sport in Society (2011)

Cate Watson, 'Test Match Special and the discourse of cricket: The sporting radio broadcast as narrative' International review for the sociology of sport (2010)

Jack Williams 'Broadcasting and cricket in England ' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Richard Cashman 'The Packer cricket war' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Rob Steen 'Writing the modern game' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Richard Haynes, 'The Early Courtship of Television and Sport: The Case of Cricket, 1938-1956' Journal of Sport History, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Fall 2009), pp. 415-431