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Galleons and Galleys: Global Connections 1500-1800 (HI2C1): Assessment and Contact Hours

Assessment (overview)

The assessment for this second-year 15 CATS option module consists of:

  • Seminar contribution (10%)
  • 1 x 1,500 word essay (40%)
  • 1 x 3,000 essay (50%)

For all deadlines, please consult Tabula. General information about deadlines and marking criteria is provided on the central assessment pages on the departmental website.

Assessment (detail)
  • You will receive one mark (10%) for your overall seminar contribution. Your seminar contribution takes the form of structured self-evaluation, using the following form to be submitted via Tabula (Wednesday, Week 10). For the marking descriptors, please see Departmental guidelines and marking scale (scroll down).
  • 1,500-word essay (40%; Wednesday, week 8) on ‘one crop or animal or illness transmitted in the Columbian exchange’. The essay could address a question like: 'Does [the crop/illness/animal of your choice] have a global impact? If so, where, when, how and on whom?' or 'How does the significance of [the crop/illness/animal of your choice] change in the context of the Columbian Exchange?' Please engage with a primary source of your choice.
  • 3,000-word essay (50%; Wednesday, week 10) on a topic of choice relevant to the course. A list of Essay Questions can be found here.

For full details of examination and assessment, please see the central assessment pages on the departmental website.

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year 15 CATS option module are as follows:

  • Module duration: Ten weeks
  • Lectures: Nine one-hour lectures
  • Seminars: Nine one-hour seminars
  • Tutorials: Two hours of feedback and essay preparation
  • Total: Twenty hours