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Galleons and Galleys: Global Connections 1500-1800 (HI2C1): Assessment and Contact Hours


The assessment for this second-year 15 CATS option module is as follows:

  • (assessed 30%) A 1,500-word essay on ‘one crop or animal or illness transmitted in the Columbian exchange’ to be submitted by Wednesday Week 6 (13 February 2019).
  • (formative) Group work: working in pairs or group of three develop the analysis of an artefact from the Ashmolean Museum's visit in Week 7.
  • (assessed 70%) A 3,000-word essay on a topic of student choice relevant to the course, to be submissted by Wednesday Week 10 (13 March 2019).

For full details of examination and assessment, please see

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this second-year 15 CATS option module are as follows:

  • Module duration: Ten weeks
  • Lectures: Nine one-hour lectures
  • Seminars: Nine one-hour seminars
  • Tutorials: Two hours of feedback and essay preparation
  • Total: Twenty hours