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  • 4,500-word Research Project (90%)

This should be an extended essay on a single or small number of directly related primary sources. The source/s should be focused, ie. a single book, painting, collection of letters, museum object, or alike. You should not try and select a broad range of different sources covering some theme.

The focus of the essay should be on situating the source/s in the appropriate historical context, advancing an argument with regards to interpretation, and reflecting on methodological and historiographical problems the source/s pose. You will also need to identify and make use of appropriate secondary literature yourself. The best essays will offer a novel interpretation of how to think about a particular period, place, episode, theme, or genre of source.

You should select your source/s in consultation with your seminar tutor, at the latest by the Friday of Week 5, Term 2.

  • Seminar Participation (10%)

All students are expected to contribute regularly and constructively to the seminar discussions, whether on-line or face-to-face.
In particular, students are expected to perform the tasks assigned in preparation for each seminar session. These will form the basis of the seminar discussions. Most importantly, each of these tasks will be a building block upon which the research project and main assignment will eventually rest.

Seminar tutors may invite students to make informal presentations on their research project.

See the History Department's assessment webpage for deadlines.