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Week 5: Visual Sources


Web Gallery of Art

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

March of Time

Victoria and Albert Museum

Wellcome Collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ashmolean Museum

Art UK

Tate Online

Getty Art

National Maritime Museum

Moving Archives at Modern Records Centre, Warwick

Maps at Cambridge University Library

British Museum Collection of Prints and Drawings

History of Work Information System


Early Modern

Grand Tour

Waddesdon Manor Trade Card Collection


Modern Britain and Europe

Great War Archive

Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003

Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975

Testaments to the Holocaust

Women, War and Society 1914-1918

British Pathé

Screen Online

Sources Portal for the Weimar Republic

German History in Documents and Images

Images of the French Revolution

Wider World

China : Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980

Global Commodities

Latin America in Video

Race Relations in America

Royal Commonwealth Society Collections

Africa Through a Lens

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

Going to the Show: Mapping Moviegoing in North Carolina


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