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For assessment deadlines, see Tabula.

  • Seminar contribution (10%)
  • Group project (40%)
  • 3000 word essay (50%)

For details of the submission of assessed work, click here.

NB Each assessed element will be marked according to the standard assessment criteria. Students should ensure that they follow the MHRA style guide carefully, especially for the presentation of the footnotes and the bibliography.

Seminar contribution

Mark based on attendance, preparation, contribution to discussion, and co-operation with other group members.

Group project

Students will be asked to produce an online showcase discussing primary source material. Individual and joint marks will be awarded and averaged to give a final mark.

Full guidance on the group project can be found on Moodle.

3000 word essay

Essay reflecting on themes explored during the module.

Feedback on assessment
  • Written feedback provided via Tabula; optional oral feedback in office hours.
  • Optional ‘feed-forward’ on an essay plan submitted in advance of the deadline.