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The Caribbean: Unity in diversity?

The Caribbean is a diverse region culturally, politically, lingustically and in many other ways. Indeed, one of the key challenges in this module is to examine what unifes the region historically while also being attentive to the specificities of different parts. To help with this, one student is going to give a very short presentation about one country or territory each week. This will also give you an opportunity to practise your presentation skills in an informal context.


Each week, one student in each seminar group will be allocated a Caribbean country or territory. When it is your turn, you will have to do a little research in advance of the next seminar so that you can give a short presentation about the following:

  • the location of country/territory on a regional map
  • present-day capital
  • official language(s)
  • year of independence (and from which country) or current constitutional status if a non-independent territory
  • PLUS one other historical fact that you have discovered. This can be anything, but try to make it as interesting as you can!

Your presentation should be about 2 minutes in length and be illustrated by 2-3 Powerpoint slides mixing text and images. You should e-mail the presentation after the seminar and I will upload them so that other students can consult them.

You can access the presentations here.