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Small Group Allocations

During Term 2, Weeks 2-5 and 7, seminars will be led by a group of three students, with questions to them led by another group. This is to provide you experience of giving more formal presentations, asking and answering questions, and collaboration.

You can find what activities your group is expected to undertake in the respective seminar pages. I have allocated you to groups-of-three as you will see below. It is everyone's responsbility to make contact with the rest of your group, meet up, divide up tasks etc.

3-4pm 4-5pm
India Alby
Adeorike Oshinyemi
Harriet Ramsden
André Barrette-Moore
Parina Lathia
Mansa Femiola
Ruth Andrew
Carmen Palmer
Liam Stafford
William Murphy
Adrian Waithe
Deborah Owusu-Ansah
Rhiannon Hall
Graham Stott
Rosie Turner
Stephen Loat
Hamish Brown
Rukiye Serin
Thomas Lawson
Owen Pennicotte-Henrie
Grace Thomson
Daniel Parker
Amy Moores
Beverley Quansah