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Week 19: New Social Movements (2): Black Movement; Indigenous

Seminar Questions

• What were the contributions to re-democratisation, and what were the claims, of the Black Movement and the indigenous?
• How far have their struggles been realised? What hurdles have been encountered?

Seminar Reading


• Benedita da Silva, Benedita da Silva: An Afro-Brazilian Woman’s Story of Politics and Love (1997), Introduction; chapter 6, “Exploding the Myth of Racial Harmony”


Seth Garfield, “Mário Juruna,” in The Human Tradition, ed. Beattie, pp 287-304

•Brysk, Alison, “Turning Weakness into Strength: The Internationalization of Indian Rights.” Latin American Perspectives, 23:2 (Spring 1996), 38-57. [e-journal @ library available through JSTOR]

Further reading: favelas and feminism

Perlman, Janice E., ‘Redemocratization Viewed from Below: Urban Poverty and Politics in Rio de Janeiro, 1968-2005’, in Kingstone, Peter R. and Power, Timothy J. (eds.), Democratic Brazil Revisited (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press), pp. 257-280. [2 copies @ Library]

Benedita da Silva, Benedita da Silva: An Afro-Brazilian Woman's Story of Politics and Love (1997), chapter 2: Favela; chapter 5: Feminism