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Lecture and Seminar Timetable

  Week Lecture Seminar
Autumn Term 1 Introduction A: Introduction

The Qing Dynasty

B: Strangers from Afar

Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century China

C: The Era of Global European Hegemony
4 Rebellions and Restoration D: Modern Science & Technology
5 Late Qing Crisis E: Anti-imperialism
6 Reading Week
7 The Founding of China's Republic F: Empire to Nation
8 The May Fourth Movement G: Cultural Modernities
9 The First United Front: 1923-1927 H: Voices of Dissent
10 The Nanjing Decade: 1928-1937 I: Stability and Retreat
Christmas Vacation
Spring Term 1 The War of Resistance: 1937-1945 J: Japan's Visions for CHina
2 The Civil War: 1945-1949 K: Coming Unglued
3 Cold War in the Making L: The 'Bamboo Curtain'
4 Living the Revolution: City and Countryside M: The Early PRC Years
5 The Great Leap Forward N: Utopia/Dystopia
6 Reading Week
7 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: 1966-1976 O: Radicalism on the Margins
8 The Era of Reconstruction: 1976-1989 P: From Mao to Deng
9 1989 and Its Aftermath Q: Tiananmen Democracy
10 The PRC Empire: Center and Peripheries R: New Imperial Formations
Easter Vacation
Summer Term 1 Provincializing China and the Writing of History no seminar

Revision Session

no seminar

Guest Lecture

no seminar