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Out of the Ghetto: Jewish history of culture and life from 1650 to today (HI2H3-30)


This second year module 30 CAT offers an introduction to early moderm and modern European Jewish history. We will chart the development of both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry, noting the important social, religious, cultural, and political characteristics of each community. We will investigate how European Jewish communities responded to the demands of an ever-modernizing world. We will explore the Jewish experience from the middle ages to the rise of Hasidism, Haskallah (Jewish enlightenment), reform Judaism, Jewish nationalism, and the emergence of secular Judaism. We will also discuss the Shoah as one of the modern Jewish experiences, but not its endpoint. While the course explores Jewish history from the European perspective, the course will touch on postcolonial and global aspects of modern Jewish history.


Convenor: Dr Anna Hájková
Email: anna(dot)hajkova(at)warwick(dot)ac(dot)uk
Phone: 024 765 23329
Office: FAB3.51

Office hours: Mon 12-1pm; Tue ditto


Lecture times: Mon 11-12am, SO.19
Seminar times: Mon 4-5pm; Tue 11-12am and 2-3pm

A Bundist rally in Brussels, Belgium, c. 1935. YIVO Archives.