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For assessment deadlines, see the Undergraduate Handbook

Oral Participation/engagement

Seminar Contribution: Contribution in learning activities (face-to-face or digital) (10%)

Short Essay

1,000 word media source essay on the role of a type of media (TV, print, radio, internet etc) and how that

mediates sport to the public (25%)

You need to think about how sport/a sport is mediated through a particular format (tv programme, podcast, film, website, forum, twitter feed, sports journalist etc). Who is the producer? who are the intended audience? How popular is the source? How does the format compare to other media sources? How accurately does the source reflect the sport in question? You could also compare two different programmes/podcasts/ reports, or types of media. The sources and discussion in the seminar in week 3 will be helpful for this assessment

Final Essay

3,000 word essay on a topic to be agreed with tutor (65%)

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