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For assessment deadlines, see the Undergraduate Handbook

Oral Participation/engagement

Seminar Contribution: Contribution in learning activities (face-to-face or digital) (10%)

Self-evaluation form

Short Essay

1,500 word media source essay on the role of a type of media (TV, print, radio, internet etc) and how that

mediates sport to the public (40%)

You need to think about how sport/a sport is mediated through a particular format (tv programme, podcast, film, website, forum, twitter feed, sports journalist etc). Who is the producer? who are the intended audience? How popular is the source? How does the format compare to other media sources? How accurately does the source reflect the sport in question? You could also compare two different programmes/podcasts/ reports, or types of media. The sources and discussion in the seminar in week 3 will be helpful for this assessment

Final Essay

3,000 word essay on a topic to be agreed with tutor (50%)

Sample questions

How has the study of (football/other sport) changed in recent years?

What role did the British play in the emergence of football in Latin America?

Why did football become the 'people's' game in the late C19/early C20?

How has technology changed the way sport and media interact?

'Football is part of globalisation, yet it encourages the local.' Discuss.

'Traditional fans have a strong belief that the club culturally belongs to them'. Discuss.

Why did football hooliganism become significant in the 1970s and 80s?

What role does sport play in national identity?

What impact has the European football business had on African football?

'Football sold it's soul in the pursuit of money, money, money'. Discuss this view of football since the 1990s.

Does non-league football have a viable future in the global age?

‘Politically driven boycotts of the Olympics are rarely successful’. Discuss.

What role does corruption play in Formula One?

What are the barriers women have faced in playing sport, and to what extent have they been overcome?

What role has race played in the history of Boxing?

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