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Week 10

2 pm group: Badminton, sport and Imperialism

Find out about the history of Badminton. How did it become a global sport? How does imperialism impact sport more generally? What does cricket in the Caribbean reveal on this issue?

Watch this brief introduction on Badminton:

On India and Badminton, see:


Class reading:

Ch.2 “Sport, Colonialism and Imperialism’ Besnier, Niko, et al. The Anthropology of Sport : Bodies, Borders, Biopolitics, University of California Press, 2017. ProQuest Ebook Central,

Dominic Malcolm, Ch.5 ‘Cricket in the Caribbean’, Globalising Cricket: Englishness, Empire and Identity (2012)

Further reading:

Guttmann, Allen. Games and Empires. Modern Sports and Cultural Imperialism, New York Chichester, West Sussex: Columbia University Press, 1994.

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Sport, Protest and Globalisation: Stopping Play (Eds) Jon Dart
Stephen Wagg

IKARUGI Chikako and 鵤木 千加子 (2012) ‘The significance of the 2006 Badminton rule changes for sport history’, スポーツ史研究, 25, p. 29. doi: 10.19010/jjshjb.25.0_29