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Week 3

Sport and Media:


Class reading:

Richard Haynes, ‘Media’ in E. Cashmore, and K. Dixon (Ed.).). Studying Football (2016) [ebook] Routledge.

Richard Haynes, 'They Think It’s All Over… 1966 and the New Era of TV Sport.' BBC Sport in Black and White (2016), pp, 297-313 [Ebook]

Peter Berlin, ‘Money, Money, Money: The English Premier League’, in J. Novick, H. Richards and R. Steen (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Football (2013), pp. 121-42. [ebook]


How has technology changed the way football and the media interact?

What does Haynes tell is about the way the 1966 World cup coverage changed the relationship between the BBC and Sport?

What was the significance of Italia 90?

How does Berlin explain the emergence of the Premier League? What impact has this had on the economics and culture of football both nationally and globally?

How influential was the emergence of Sky TV? How has Sky been challenged in recent years?

Important further reading:

Aaron Baker, ‘Goal and the global sports film’, Sport in Society, 11:2-3 (2008) 253-264

Cavalier, Elizabeth S., and Kristine E. Newhall. 2018. “‘Stick to Soccer:’ Fan Reaction and Inclusion Rhetoric on Social Media.” Sport in Society 21 (7):

Jamie Cleland, Collective Action and Football Fandom A Relational Sociological Approach (2018) [ebook]

Cleland J. (2019) Britain’s First Openly Gay Football Referee: The Story of Ryan Atkin. In: Magrath R. (eds) LGBT Athletes in the Sports Media. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

Michael Cox, The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics from route one to false nines (2018) Ch.2.’ Cantona and counters’

Paul Darby, ‘Out of Africa: The Exodus of Elite African Football Talent to Europe’, in Working USA: The Journal of Labour and Society, 10,4 (Dec 2007), pp.443-56.

Linda K. Fuller (ed) Sport, rhetoric, and gender : historical perspectives and media representations (2009)

Gastaldo É. Soccer and media in Brazil. Soccer & Society. 2014;15(1):123.

Richard Haynes, BBC Sport in Black and White (2016) [Ebook]

John Hughson et al, The Routledge Handbook of Football Studies (2016) part III Football and media

Linden and Linden, Fans and Fan Cultures: Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media (2017),Ch.9.

Peter Millward, The Global Football League (2011) [ebook]

Murray Philips and Gary Osmond (eds.), Sports History in the Digital Era (2015) [ebook]

Alon Raab, ‘Walls and goals: the Israeli–Palestinian encounter in football films and literature’ Soccer & Society, 13:5-6, 789-794, (2012)

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D. Wood, Football and Literature in South America (2017) [ebook]

Gerard Akindes and Chuka Onwumechili (eds) Identity and nation in African football: fans, community and clubs (2014) [ebook]

Peter Alegi, African Soccerscapes (2010) [Ebook]

Alegi, Peter, and Chris Bolsmann. Africa's World Cup : Critical Reflections on Play, Patriotism, Spectatorship, and Space (2013) [ebook]

Todd Cleveland, Following the Ball: The Migration of African Soccer Players across the Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1949–1975` (Ohio University Press, 2017)

Nuno Domingos, Football and Colonialism: Body and Popular Culture in Urban Mozambique (Ohio University Press, 2017)

P. Dolan and J. Connolly (eds.). Sport and National Identities: Gloablisation and conflict (2018) [ebook]

Richard Elliott and John Harris (eds) Football and migration: perspectives, places, players (2015)

Elliott, R. (Ed.), The English Premier League (2017) [ebook]

David Goldblatt, The Global Age of Football (Pan-MacMillan, 2019)

Simon Hart, World in Motion: The Inside Story of Italia '90 (2018)

Hill, T., Canniford, R. and Millward, P. (2018) ‘Against Modern Football: Mobilising Protest Movements in Social Media’, Sociology, 52(4), pp. 688–708. doi: 10.1177/0038038516660040.

Peter Kennedy and David Kennedy, ‘Football supporters and the commercialisation of football: Comparative Responses across Europe’, Soccer and Society, 13, 3 (2012)

Linden and Linden, Fans and Fan Cultures: Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media (2017)

Peter Millward, The Global Football League (2011) [ebook]

Perasović, B. and Mustapić, M. (2018) ‘Carnival supporters, hooligans, and the “Against Modern Football” movement: life within the ultras subculture in the Croatian context’, Sport in Society, 21(6), p. 960. Available at:

Cornel Sandvoss, A Game of Two Halves: Football Fandom, Television and Globalisation, (2004)

Jonathan Wilson, Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics (2008)

Jean Williams, Globalising Women’s Football: Europe, Migration and Professionalization (2014) [ebook]


Topics to be discussed: Books (Wisden), Radio (TMS cult status), Kerry Packer, satellite TV


Why does cricket seem to generate a specific type of literature?

How has TMS assumed 'cult status' in Britain (and overseas)?

How important was World Series Cricket in the 1970s?

What influence has the loss of terrestrial TV rights had on the game?

Does TV 'drive the game'?

TV - Wisden Cricketer's Almanack ; How World Series Cricket Changed the Game Forever (Channel 9 Documentary) Kerry Packer Story (ABC biography - not much about WSC)

Radio - John Arlott the Voice of Cricket Parts One Two Three Four; Best of Test Match Special (LP), TMS at 60 

Key Reading

Jack Williams 'Broadcasting and cricket in England ' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Cate Watson, 'Test Match Special and the discourse of cricket: The sporting radio broadcast as narrative' International review for the sociology of sport (2010)

Further Reading

Elisa Giaccardi, Heritage and social media: understanding heritage in a participatory culture (2012)

Cate Watson, 'Test Match Special, Twenty20 and the future of cricket' Sport in Society (2011)

Richard Cashman 'The Packer cricket war' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Rob Steen 'Writing the modern game' in Cambridge companion to Cricket (ebook via library)

Richard Haynes, 'The Early Courtship of Television and Sport: The Case of Cricket, 1938-1956' Journal of Sport History, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Fall 2009), pp. 415-431