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Corruption in sport

Money and corruption


Where does the money come from, and where does it go to?

How does sport deal with institutionalised corruption of management eg FIFA / ICC

Why is betting such a threat to sport

How can sport combat drug use?


Death of a Gentleman [on the influence of money in cricket - netflix]; Icarus [on doping in cycling - netflix]; Doping in sport [YouTube] Catching drug cheats [YouTube]

David Frith, 'Cricket and corruption' in Cambridge Companion to Cricket (library ebook)

Amit Gupta, 'The IPL and the Indian domination of global cricket' Sport in Society (2011)

Peter Berlin, ‘Money, Money, Money: The English Premier League’, in J. Novick, H. Richards and R. Steen (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Football (2013), pp. 121-42. [ebook]