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Assessment 100%

  • Seminar Contribution, 10%

  • 1500 word essay, 10%

  • 3000 word essay, 40%

  • 7 day take-home essay with citations and a bibliography, 40%

Seminar contribution 10%

Seminar is a good time to practice your verbal communication skills. The best way to prepare this is to read the required readings. You are expected to attend each seminar. If for any reason you cannot attend a seminar, you should email the tutor asap. If you have not read the required readings, you are most welcome to attend; actually, you are better off attending the seminar. The design of the seminar is that everyone has at least one opportunity to speak each week. I will actively provide the opportunity for each student. You can stay silent throughout the seminar if you wish, but it would be great if you can email and let seminar tutor know in advance that you do not wish to speak throughout the seminar, or for a particular seminar. The 10% of mark is based on the quality of your contributions during the seminar but we will be taking into account individual circumstances that include your efforts and improvements over the course. You need to submit via Tabula the Participation Self-Evaluation Form. 

General information about Assessment

1500 word essay 10%
  • This is expected to be a traditional well-researched, well-structured, and well-written essay on a small topic of your own choice. It allows you to try out your skills of writing and knowledge of modern Chinese history
3000 word essay 40%
  • A traditional well-researched, well-structured, and well-written essay on a topic that showcases your skills of essay writing and knowledge of modern China. Keep in mind that this is a summative essay, meaning, while the topic choice can be a theme in particular, the essay should demonstrate your knowledge of the history of modern China in general.

7 day take-home essay