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Radicalism in the English Revolution 1640-1660 (HI312) - Topic 6

Topic 6: Winstanley and the Diggers


Seminar themes:
  • On what grounds did Winstanley believe a communist utopia could be established in England?
  • How far did those grounds shift between 1649 and 1652?
  • What was the nature of his religious thinking?
  • What were his central political beliefs?
  • How far did he move from a religious to a secular ideology?
  • Why did the Diggers encounter hostility from the common people as well as from landowners?
Primary Sources
  • The True Levellers Standard Advanced (1649)

  • A New Year's Gift to the Parliament and Army (1650).
  • The Law of Freedom (1652).
  • Winstanley's other writings can be found in Hill's selection (Pelican), or The Complete Works ed G.H. Sabine, or The Complete Works ed. Corns, Hughes and Loewenstein (2009)
  • Secondary Reading

Andrew Bradstock, Radical Religion in Cromwell’s England (2011), chap. 3

P. Zagorin, History of Political Thought in the English Revolution (useful introductory chapter on Winstanley).

C. Hill, The World Turned Upside Down (Leveller-Digger links).

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H P Finberg, ed, The Agrarian History of England, vol. Iv ch. 7 on farm labourers is excellent on living conditions etc., of the poorest section of the agrarian community. For the independent-minded communities who lived on wastes and commons see pp 95-7, 107-8, 224-5, 409-12, 445-6.

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Note: Two short Digger pamphlets published in Past and Present, 40 (1968) (edited by G E Aylmer) and Past and Present, 42 (1969) (edited by K. Thomas). Both have useful introductions and comments; note especially Thomas on the number and spread of Digger communities.