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Seminar 14

Russian Nationalism and Soviet Patriotism

  • Discuss - using the example of Ivan IV (the Terrible) - the changed attitude of the Bolsheviks to the Russian past?
  • Was Soviet Patriotism Russian Nationalism in disguise?
  • How was the new role of the Russian nation reconciled with the concept of the “friendship of the nations” and socialist internationalism?



Internal Debate within the Party Hierarchy about the Rehabilitation of Ivan the Terrible, in Brandenberger/Platt, Epic Revisionism, pp. 179-189.

Essential Reading

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Additional Reading

Blitstein, Peter A., ‘Nation-Building or Russification? Obligatory Russian Instruction in the Soviet Non-Russian School, 1938-1953’, in Suny, A State of Nations, pp. 253-274.

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