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Seminar Reading: Week 17

Week 17: Women, Gender and the Family

Core primary reading

* Mason & Rizzo, FRDC:

  • Chapter 8, Petition from Revolutionary Republican Women to the National Convention (August 1793), doc. 47
  • Chapter 10, Decree Regulating Divorce (September 20, 1792), doc. 61

* D.G. Levy (ed.), Women in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-95 (1979): pp. 156-74, 182-196 (reserve and short-term loan in library)

Core secondary reading

S. Desan, 'War between brothers and sisters. Inheritance law and gender politics in revolutionary France', French Historical Studies 20 (1997), pp. 597-634.

Colin Jones, 'French Crossings IV: Vagaries of Passion and Power in Enlightenment Paris' Transactions of the Royal Historical Society vol 23, Dec 2013, pp. 3-35.


Further reading

For a recent overview of the literature on gender and sexuality in the French Revolution, see McPhee, CFR, 'Gender, Sexuality, and Political Culture', pp. 196-211.


Women, Gender and the Salons

  • J. Landes, Women and the Public Sphere in the Age of the French Revolution (1988)
  • M. Steinbrugge, The Moral Sex: Women’s Nature in the French Enlightenment (1995)
  • B. Craveri, Madame du Deffand and her World (1994)
  • B. Craveri, The Age of Conversation (2005)
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Women & Revolutionary Politics

  • Suzanne Desan, ‘Constitutional Amazons: Jacobin Women’s Clubs in the French Revolution’ in B. T. Ragan Jr. and E. A. Williams (eds.), Re-Creating Authority in Revolutionary France (1992), pp. 11-35.
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  • The Family
  • S. Desan, The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France (2006)
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