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Seminar Reading: Week 17

New Hearts and Minds: Inventing Republican Culture

Core primary readings

* Condorcet, 'The Future Progress of the Human MindLink opens in a new window' Look at Table of Contents and Tenth Epoch (online)

* A New Calendar, in Baker, ORFR, 362-367.

NB: When the above title (ORFR) is assigned for reading, please consult one of the five copies in the Library: Call number CB245.U64 (3rd floor). Please take photos of the pages and leave the book for others. There are only 5 copies! Thank you!

* L. Mason & T. Rizzo, FRDC, Chapter 10 (pp. 244-263)

Core secondary readings

  • M. Ozouf, 'Public Spirit' in Furet/Ozouf (eds.), Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution (1989) (course extracts)
  • C. Walton, ‘Policing the Moral Limits’ in Policing Public Opinion in the French Revolution (2009), ch. 8Link opens in a new window.

Further reading

  • L. Hunt, Politics, Culture and Class in the French Revolution (1985)
  • M. Ozouf, Festivals and the French Revolution (1991)
  • M. Ozouf, ‘Revolutionary Calendar’, in Furet/Ozouf (eds), Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution (1989), 538-547.
  • M. Lyons, ‘The 9 Thermidor: motives and effects’, European Studies Review, (1975)
  • D.P. Jordan, The Revolutionary Career of Maximilien Robespierre (1985)
  • L. Mason, Singing the French Revolution: Popular Culture and Politics 1787 - 1799 (1996)
  • K. Astbury, Narrative Responses to the Trauma of the French Revoluiton (2012)
  • C. Walton, 'Charles IX and the French Revolution: Law, Vengeance, and the Revolutionary Uses of History', European Review of History 4:2 (1997)
  • Susan Maslan, Revolutionary Acts: Theater, Democracy and the French Revolution (2005)
  • P. Friedland, Political Actors: Representative Bodies and Theatricality in the Age of the French Revolution (2002)
  • R. Schechter, ‘Gothic Thermidor: the bals des victimes, the fantastic and the production of historical knowledge in post-Terror France’, Representations, 61 (1998)
  • M. Shaw, Time and the French Revolution: a history of the French Republican Calendar, 1789-Year XIV (2011)
  • I. Woloch, The New Regime (1994), ch 6-7, on education.
  • Emmet Kennedy, A Cultural History of the French Revolution (1989)