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Introductory/General Reading

There is no ‘set text’ for this module, but there are a number of general works dealing with religion and the Reformation in the later part of the sixteenth century which will usually provide useful context and orientation, and a pathway into the more specialist reading on individual topics. It is sensible to start with one or more of these each week.


Haigh, Christopher, English Reformations: Religion, Politics, and Society under the Tudors (Oxford, 1993)

Heal, Felicity, Reformation in Britain and Ireland (Oxford, 2003)

MacCulloch, Diarmaid, The Later Reformation in England (1990 and 2nd ed. 2002)

Marshall, Peter, Reformation England 1480-1642 (2003, 2nd ed. 2012 and 3rd ed. 2022)

Marshall, Peter, Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation (New Haven and London, 2017)

Ryrie, Alec, The Age of Reformation: The Tudor and Stewart Realms, 1485-1603 (London, 2009; 2nd edition, 2017)


For a brisk overview of the period as a whole, see Peter Marshall, ‘Settlement Patterns: The Church of England, 1553-1603’, in Anthony Milton (ed.), The Oxford History of Anglicanism: Volume I (Oxford, 2017), ch. 3.


You are also encouraged to make use of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ONDB), accessible through the Library’s electronic database pages: this supplies reliable short biographies, and further reading suggestions, for a host of individuals from the period.


Readings are listed alphabetically, and all are worth consulting, but for each week particularly significant or helpful texts are marked *