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1. The Elizabethan 'Settlement'

Seminar Overview:

The aim of this seminar is for students to acquire an understanding of the political and religious situation in England at the start of Elizabeth’s reign, and to be able to place it in the context of preceding developments in England and internationally. We will pay particular attention to the so-called Religious Settlement of 1559 – involving parliamentary Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity, as well as the issuing of a set of Royal Injunctions and a new Prayer Book. We will discuss critically rival historiographical interpretations of this Settlement, as well as what it is possible to say about the motives and attitudes of the Queen herself. The seminar will provide an informed context for the discussion of primary documents in the following week.

Questions for discussion:

- Assess the religious condition of England on the accession of Elizabeth I.

- What were the principal aims of the Religious Settlement of 1559?

- Was Elizabeth I the saviour of English Protestantism?


Seminar Reading:

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[There are about 30-40 pages of sources to read for each seminar. EHD = Ian W Archer and Douglas F. Price, eds, English Historical Documents 1558-1603 (London, 2011).]

‘The device for the alteration of religion’, EHD, pp. 26-9

‘Viscount Montague’s Speech in the House of Lords’, EHD, pp. 32-3

‘The Act of Supremacy’, EHD, pp. 33-8

‘The Act of Uniformity’, EHD, pp. 38-41

‘Royal Injunctions, 1559’, EHD, pp. 41-53

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