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Week 20. The End of Globalization?

Why is globalization such a controversial issue? What accusations are moved against globalization? Does it make sense to ask if globalization in ‘good’ or ‘bad’? If we consider globalization in its long history, can we say that it leads to homogenization or uniformity? And are we living in a phase of de-globalization?

1. Readings

Richard Falk, “Resisting ‘globalisation‐from‐above’ through ‘globalisation‐from‐below’” New Political Economy, 2/1 (1997), pp. 17-24. For those of you who are interested, see the entire issue dedicated to the theme.

Benjamin R. Barber, “Jihad vs. McWorld,” Atlantic Monthly 269 no. 3 (March 1992):

John Lanchester, ‘After the Fall’, London Review of Books, 5 July 2018, pp. 3-8.