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Week 5. Human Movements: : Migrations, Diasporas and Global Communities


Why do people migrate? How important is the movement of people in connecting the world? Can we see trends or phases of migration since 1750? Where do people move from and to? Who is a migrant and why are migrant communities so important? Which are the social and economic consequences of migration? Is migration more important now or in the past? Why do states apply restrictive policies on migration?

1. Key Readings

Please read all key readings

1. Adam McKeown, ‘Different Transitions: Comparing China and Europe, 1600–1900’, Journal of Global History, 6/2 (2011), pp. 309-19.

2. Giovanni Gozzini, “The global system of international migrations, 1900 and 2000: a comparative approach,” Journal of Global History 1/3 (2006), pp 321-341.

3. and a reading of your choice from the reading list. You might wish to consider one problem (forced migration, refugees, etc.), one aspect (for instance gender; labour; legislation), a period (post 1990 or pre-1800). Please post a 200-300 word comment on your reading on the course Forum.

2. Migration Trends

Examine the figures and graphs provided in:

1. A. Segal, An Atlas of International Migration (London: Hans Zell, 1993).

2. UK Migration, 1851to today