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Sexuality and Abortion


  1. Why was “free abortion on demand” so central to the politics of the Women’s Liberation Movement?
  2. Why did some feminists (especially Black and working-class women) find this too narrow and argue instead for reproductive rights?
  3. What was ‘the myth of the vaginal orgasm’?
  4. Why did feminists see sexual pleasure and liberation as a source of political power?

Core Reading

Lynne Segal, Making Trouble: Life and Politics (2008), chapter 2 (digitised) and chapter 3 (ebook).

S. Brooke, Sexual Politics: Sexuality, Family Planning and the British Left from the 1880s to the Present Day (2011) [chapter 7] digitised

Further Reading

S. Rowbotham, The Past is Before Us: Feminism in Action Since the 1960s (1989) [Part 2. ‘Fertility and Desire’]

Nicole Jackson, 'A Black Woman's Choice: Depo-Provera and Reproductive Rights', Journal of Research on Women and Gender 2:2 (2011) [open access]

V. Seal, Whose Choice? Working-Class Women and the Control of Fertility (1990)

Sue O’Sullivan, A Spare Rib Reader: Women’s Health (1987)

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Coote & B. Campbell, Sweet Freedom: The Struggle for Women’s Liberation (1982) [chapter 8 ‘Sex’]

Jacqueline Laks Gorman, The Modern Feminist Movement: Sisters Under the Skin (2011) [for US perspective] ebook in library [chapter 6 ‘Health and Sexuality’]

Jennifer Nelson, Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement (2003)[For the US perspective] ebook in library